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Breathe Easier with Our Radon Testing Services in Medicine Hat

Did you know that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada after tobacco? Many Canadians are aware of hazardous substances like carbon monoxide, but few people know of radon and its dangers. This hazardous gas comes from the decay of uranium in the soil, rock, and water under our buildings.

Most of the time, radon levels are too low to pose a problem, but levels can range throughout the country. Get peace of mind by booking our radon testing services in the Medicine Hat area. We want you to breathe easier knowing you’ve taken active steps to keep your household or office protected.


Here are a few radon facts of interest:

  • A radon concentration over 200 Bq/m3 is considered potentially dangerous if exposure is prolonged

  • Radon levels can vary over time, so use a long-term detector

  • A 2012 survey found that 44% of homes in Brandon, Manitoba had radon levels above the safety threshold

  • While high levels of radon are more common in New Brunswick, Manitoba, and the Yukon Territory, every province can have areas with higher-than-safe radon levels

  • Newer homes optimized for better energy efficiency may actually have higher radon levels than older buildings


Harmful, odourless gases like radon may be hiding under your nose!

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