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Medicine Hat Water Purification Methods

You want to protect those you care about from illness. While water purification in Medicine Hat is optional because we generally have safe drinking water, many people rightly choose to install extra water purification systems in Medicine Hat to be extra safe.

Water that hasn’t be softened is referred to as “hard water.” This means that it will contain minerals collected from the ground such as calcium and magnesium. Using a water softening system offers several benefits:

  • Hard water can make soaps and detergents coagulate, making it necessary to use more detergent

  • Coagulated soaps can stick to skin and inhibit effective cleansing

  • Coagulated detergents can trap dirt in clothes and make the materials stiff

  • Coagulated soap causes soap scum and soap stains

  • Mineral deposits left over from hard water can affect the flow in your pipes and plumbing

  • Some people find that softened water just tastes better!

At RNR Plumbing Ltd, we can offer our expertise on water softening, reverse osmosis, and other water filtration systems for optimal drinking water.


Water softeners work by facilitating ion exchange. What this means is water softeners will exchange the minerals in hard water for something else, most commonly sodium. A water softener’s mineral tank is filled with polystyrene beads that are negatively charged. When water passes through this, positively charged calcium and magnesium will stick to the beads. The softener is then recharged by being flushed with a brine solution containing saline.


Reverse osmosis is used to filter out the saline molecules of salty water. Freshwater and saltwater are placed side by side with a semi-permeable membrane dividing the two. Pressure is applied to the salty side and, due to their large size, the sodium chloride (salt) chemicals stay behind while water molecules are moved to the freshwater side.

To learn more about water purification for your Medicine Hat area home and to see if it is right for you, please give us a call at RNR Plumbing Ltd.


Protect your health and get the most out of your water with sophisticated water treatment systems.

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